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CEO Letter

Statement from senior decision-maker


Dear Stakeholders,

On July 10, 2019, EQT’s shareholders voted to elect a new slate of directors — and in turn, appoint a new leadership team — with a mandate of transforming EQT into a modern, technology-driven and efficient natural gas producer. Our new board and leadership team have embraced this mandate.

As the largest producer of natural gas in the United States, it is incumbent on EQT to be a leader in the industry, and as such, we are now embarking on a journey to ensure that we are not just the biggest, but also the best. EQT has long been a leader in the Appalachian Basin in terms of its dedication to safety, preservation of the environment and corporate responsibility. This represents a strong foundation from which we can evolve towards even more lofty goals.

I am pleased to share EQT’s eighth annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report produced under the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. This year’s report theme, The Future is Bright, is a recognition that the new board and leadership have brought with them a renewed commitment to our shareholders, landowners, communities and the environment. 

The report outlines our 2018 operational data, environmental disclosures and outreach efforts. I am proud that our employees were able to deliver another strong year in these areas, and look forward to building on this foundation in the coming years.

On behalf of EQT, thank you for the opportunity to share our commitment to the responsible development of natural gas and I look forward to sharing our progress.


Toby Z. Rice
President and CEO