Ethics and Integrity

Doing the Right Thing

Values, principles, standards and norms of behavior

SASB 510a.2
EM-EP-510a.2: Description of the management system for prevention of corruption and bribery throughout the value chain

SASB 510a.2

At EQT, we believe each of us has a responsibility for maintaining and enhancing our reputation. Our daily decision-making is guided by our values; in mid-2019, we introduced new company values — Trust, Teamwork, Heart and Evolution. We communicate our expectations for responsible and ethical conduct to all those performing business on behalf of the company through our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (code). Our code acts as a guide and resource related to personal responsibilities, compliance with law and the use of good judgement while working on behalf of the company. It covers such topics as environment, health and safety, avoiding conflicts of interest, communicating and cooperating with regulators, political involvement, diversity and inclusion, and honest and ethical dealing. We regularly update our code in collaboration with subject matter experts to ensure it reflects the ever-changing work environment and legal and regulatory landscape. Any changes to the code are approved in advance by EQT's senior management.

We require all new employees to receive in-person compliance and ethics training, in addition to an online code training. Employees are also trained on other compliance and ethics topics relevant to their work responsibilities. All employees must annually confirm their continued understanding and compliance with our code and related policies.

EQT’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics also applies to our suppliers, vendors, agents, contractors and consultants (collectively, our business partners). We expect our business partners to provide services or goods in compliance with our code or their own written code of conduct, if it complies with the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines and all applicable laws and regulations. We annually remind the majority of our business partners of their obligation to comply with our code and, specifically, their responsibilities related to conflicts of interest. We publicize our compliance hotline number at all work locations and provide it to our business partners so they may anonymously report suspected misconduct or ask questions.

Communicating Concerns 

Mechanisms for advice and concerns about ethics


Although our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics provides strong guidance for our employees and business partners, it cannot be all-inclusive. We annually provide a combination of in-person and online training to reinforce the message that employees are encouraged to communicate concerns of misconduct to their supervisors, the Compliance Network or the compliance hotline.

The EQT Compliance Network, a group of senior-level employees from Internal Audit, Human Resources, Compliance and Ethics, Legal, Safety and Environmental, is another resource available to employees to seek guidance regarding ethical and lawful behavior and report misconduct. EQT’s compliance hotline offers employees and stakeholders an anonymous way to ask questions and report misconduct. The compliance hotline is operated by a nationally recognized, independent service provider and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Misconduct can also be reported directly to the board of directors via the EQT website. We do not currently track the number of requests for advice, the request descriptions or level of satisfaction for those using the advice mechanisms.