Political Involvement
and Public Policy

Political Involvement
and Public Policy


Engaging in political activity, providing corporate contributions to political candidates and organizations, and contributing to public policy.

Why Managing It Matters

Explanation of the material topic and its Boundary


EQT serves as an informed resource to U.S. policymakers on issues directly affecting the activities of EQT and those of the natural gas industry in general. This engagement supports fair and balanced laws and regulations that benefit all EQT stakeholders. Our political involvement and public policy activities are limited to the United States.

Management Approach

The management approach and its components


To benefit local communities and protect the interests of EQT, we engage with state and local politicians regarding issues that affect our operations and communities. Our expertise in natural gas production enables us to have meaningful discussions around energy policy.


EQT conducts our public policy activities in compliance with applicable local, state and federal laws. Additionally, the EQT Public Policy and Corporate Responsibility (PPCR) Committee of the EQT board of directors periodically evaluates these activities. The PPCR Committee reviews and receives reports regarding EQT’s approach to public policy matters, including corporate political spending, diversity, environment, health and safety, and energy policy.


EQT has internal policies that help manage our interactions with regulatory agencies and elected officials. We require, among other things, that no employee engage in lobbying activity on behalf of EQT nor use corporate treasury dollars for political purposes without permission from our General Counsel. The PPCR Committee annually reviews all contributions made to political candidates and discusses public policy issues that affect the company.

Political Spending and Policy Issues

We comply with laws and regulations in each jurisdiction where we are active politically. This includes federal and state campaign finance laws regarding political spending in support of political parties, politicians and related institutions.

We do not engage in political activity or make financial or in-kind contributions to political parties, politicians or related institutions outside the United States. We fund our political spending through:

  • EQT Employees Federal Political Action Committee (PAC), sourced solely from the voluntary contributions of EQT employees
  • EQT Employees Pennsylvania State PAC, sourced from voluntary employee contributions and transfers from the EQT Employees Federal PAC
  • EQT corporate treasury dollars

We also work to support federal, state and local policies that promote stable investment climates for natural gas exploration, production, storage and transportation. These may include policies governing environmental protection, taxes, natural gas production, transportation and expanding the use of natural gas in sectors such as transportation, manufacturing and electricity generation. When engaging with policymakers, we consider the impacts to EQT, our stakeholders, communities and the environment.

Evaluating Our Approach

Evaluation of the management approach


EQT continues to work with legislators and regulators to help create policies and regulations that further natural gas development. EQT’s political engagement in local municipal, township and county elections continues to grow as our business operations expand into new areas.

Political contributions


In 2018, EQT provided guidance to legislators regarding the following legislative issues:

  • Post-production deductions — Pennsylvania and West Virginia
  • Joint development and co-tenancy — West Virginia
  • Severance tax — Pennsylvania
  • Energy infrastructure

To this end, the EQT Employees Federal PAC, EQT Employees Pennsylvania State PAC and EQT treasury dollars contributed $609,400 to political spending, as shown below.

Funding Source Beneficiary of Contribution Amount
EQT Employee Political Action Committees Candidates for U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate $125,000
Candidates for, and members of, the Pennsylvania general assembly; candidates for governor of Pennsylvania; candidates for Pennsylvania judicial seats $136,900
Candidates for and members of the West Virginia legislature; candidates for West Virginia governor $16,500
Candidates for and members of the Ohio legislature; candidates for Ohio governor $23,000
Candidates for county and city offices in Pennsylvania and West Virginia $17,500
Subtotal: Employee PACs $318,900
EQT Corporation Candidates for and members of the VA Legislature $500

Political Organizations:

  • 1863 PAC
  • Democratic Governors Association
  • Grow West Virginia
  • Growth and Opportunity Fund
  • Just Courts for West Virginia PAC
  • Ohio Progressive Collaborative
  • Protecting Colorado's Environment
  • Republican Governors Association
  • Republican State Leadership Committee
  • Shale Energy Alliance
Subtotal: EQT Corporation $290,500

Corporate Memberships

External initiatives


EQT is a founding member of the Center for Responsible Shale Development (CRSD), working with other producers, environmental groups and philanthropic organizations to promote performance standards for safe and sustainable operations in the Appalachian Basin.

Membership of associations


We paid $1,063,901 in corporate memberships in 2018, with approximately $141,491 of that total allocated to lobbying. The table below details our participation in industry and trade organizations.

2018 membership associations

Membership Association Total Dues Portion Allocated to Lobbying
American Gas Association $42,610 $1,278
Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce/Allegheny Conference of Community Development $128,500* $8,995
Greene County Chamber of Commerce $700 -
Harrison County Chamber of Commerce $450 -
Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) $274,433 $35,676
 INGAA Foundation, Inc. $22,500 -
Kentucky Oil and Gas Association $12,500 -
Lewis County Chamber of Commerce $1,000 -
Marcellus Shale Coalition $175,000 $53,025
Marion County Chamber of Commerce $525 -
Mon Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce $395 -
Monongahela Area Chamber of Commerce $350 -
National Petroleum Council $76,332 $2,290
Natural Gas Supply Association $174,000 $13,920
Ohio Oil and Gas Association $10,521 -
Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry $17,945 $5,384
Peter's Township Chamber of Commerce $300 -
Public Affairs Council $2,800 -
Ritchie County Chamber of Commerce $100 -
St. Clairsville Chamber of Commerce $500 -
U.S. Chamber of Commerce  $50,000 $12,500
U.S. Chamber Litigation Center $50,000 -
Utilities, Telecommunications, and Energy Coalition of West Virginia $3,000 $93
Virginia Chamber Political Act $1,000 $1,000
Virginia Oil and Gas Association $7,190 $7,190
Washington County Chamber of Commerce $750 -
West Virginia Chamber of Commerce $7,000 -
West Virginia Manufacturers Association  $1,000 $140
Wetzel County Chamber of Commerce $2,500 -
TOTAL $1,063,901 $141,491

*This represents our total membership amount, including $25,700 paid by EQT Corporation and $102,800 paid by EQT Foundation.