Stakeholder Engagement

Reaching Out to Our Stakeholders

List of stakeholder groups

Identifying and selecting stakeholders

Approach to stakeholder engagement

Key topics and concerns raised


EQT’s stakeholders — those most interested in, and affected by, the company’s operations — provide valuable feedback from a variety of perspectives. As an organization committed to operating responsibly, EQT monitors stakeholder interests specific to the company and to the broader natural gas industry. We engage with stakeholders, not for reporting purposes, but as part of our effort to continuously improve.

Many of EQT’s stakeholders share similar, broad-based concerns about the natural gas industry overall; however, select individual groups may have specific concerns about the manner in which we conduct our business operations. Although stakeholder areas of interest or concern vary widely, EQT believes in maintaining an open and honest dialogue with our stakeholders as we have for decades.

Based upon our experience over time and our ongoing connections with stakeholders, EQT has developed specific methods of response that are designed to meet our stakeholders’ diverse expectations and engagement preferences. The table below sets forth EQT’s integrated engagement strategies and frequencies for each of the named stakeholder groups — and provides links to our Management Approach and Performance for each topic covered in this report.

Stakeholder Engagement Approaches


EQT engages with investors in a variety of ways via the following methods:


At least once each quarter:

  • Earnings releases
  • SEC filings
  • Investor teleconferences and the related replays and transcripts



  • Proxy statement
  • Shareholder meeting


From time to time, as needed:

  • Meetings with investors regarding investor relations, governance and compensation
  • Investor conferences, meetings and calls
  • Responses to inquiries submitted to the Corporate Secretary of EQT via the contact listed on EQT’s Investor Relations website



  • Routine updates, presentation postings and news releases to our Investor Relations websites
Employees EQT communicates with employees and solicits employee feedback, as needed, through:
  • Print and electronic communications
  • Employee staff meetings
  • Company intranet
  • Lunch and learn seminars
  • Volunteer activities
  • Surveys
  • Formal reporting channels
  • Compliance hotline
Residents of Communities Near Operations

Residents may report problems and/or provide feedback 24/7 via the following:


As needed or upon request, EQT may schedule the following:

  • In-person meetings with EQT Local Government and Community Affairs Specialists
  • Weekly operation updates to townships
  • Facility and rig tours
  • Community meetings
  • Surveys
  • Public safety communications


On an ongoing basis, EQT communicates and engages with the community via:

  • Community relationship building
  • Local natural gas task force involvement at the county level
  • Philanthropic giving programs
  • Presentations to local organizations
  • Sponsorships
  • Advertising
Landowners/Royalty Owners/Joint Interest Partners As needed or requested:
  • In-person meetings
  • Letters
  • Access to company landmen or land agents
  • Town halls
  • Public meetings
  • Toll-free royalty and leasing hotlines
  • Owner relations and leasing email addresses
  • Online owner relations portals for account access
Emergency Service Professionals As needed or requested:
  • In-person meetings
  • Public meetings
  • Safety outreach
  • Local donations
Elected Officials/Regulators EQT engages with local government officials weekly by providing drilling and completion activity locations



  • Policy discussions
  • Political Action Committee
  • Meetings with national and state regulators, local municipal leaders and lobbyists
  • Attending and/or participating in township meetings


As needed or requested:

  • In-person meetings
Industry/Business Trade Associations Ongoing:
  • Chamber of Commerce memberships
  • Membership in trade associations
  • Participation in association leadership
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)/Charities As needed or requested:
  • Project partnerships
  • Reporting on environmental, economic and social topics
  • Philanthropic giving
  • Environmental assessments
  • In-person meetings


  • Websites
  • Request-for-proposal process
  • Training sessions
  • Trade shows
  • Diversity initiatives, including our annual Supplier Diversity Matchmaker Event
News Media/Industry Analysts As needed or requested:
  • News releases
  • Media statements
  • Website-based Media HQ
  • Phone calls
  • Email correspondence
  • In-person meetings
  • Interviews
  • Speaking engagements by executives and senior managers